Today I visited the local trade center of Messukeskus. This weekend the place is hosting Digiexpo, Skiexpo, Boardexpo and last but  not least Hifiexpo. All are consumer oriented although professionals visit as well.

Here are a couple of bad quality pics of the event as well as some thoughts.


Digiexpo was primarily dominated by the new Windows 8 in its many iterations. The look is totally different to the old Windows and it seems to be hard.for some people to grasp. I feel its simpler maybe even  too simple. The Nokia Lumia 920 seemed very promising, will be interesting to see how it sells.

Anyways this was my first chance to also play with the iPad Mini. The feel was normal Apple, solid and fluid. The size is in my opinion more suited for carrying around. Actually fits my rather large hand and is more in the line of carry everywhere than use on the sofa at home. The price is okay as well, although the specs are more inline with the iPad 2 than the New iPad. Maybe a good choice for people who already have a laptop and who haven’t yet bought any of the  10″ tablets.


There were a lot of great home theater systems as well as the more old school hi-fi stuff. The big  presence of Finnish brands such as Genelec, OR, Amphion and Aurelia was heart warming. The sound of our home brands are fully comparable to the foreign brands .


High end stuff is fun to hear even though at prices that are beyond most peoples budgets. This system cost about 10k€ with speakers from Austrian brand that I have never heard of. Sound was fabulous though.


Amphion demo was very popular.

In the camera side there were on display the new models from all the big camera manufacturers. The Canon Eos-M seemed a nice thing to hold and small enough to carry. The new 1D-X and 6D/5D mk3 were of course very interesting. Nikon also had their full line on show.


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