Nature in winter

Finnish forest can be beautiful, mysterious, gloomy. But always refreshing and a nice place to visit. Soothes the mind and revives the spirit.


Lots of accumulated snow even in the southernmost parts of the country. Lovely white Christmas!


Strong enough current in this stream to keep it open even in temperatures of -20 Celsius.

Christmas time


Winter does make many places more photogenic than they normally would be. Especially those views that are maybe “too” familiar. Yet with snow and a bit of light they are transformed into something spectacular.


Christmas in part is nice this year as I get to spend time with family and enjoy the brighter time of the day outside. Noneed to sit on the computer all day long.

Food court @ Flamingo

Joulun alla shoppailun tuoksinassa oli miellyttävä vetäytyä hetkeksi Jumbon vilskeestä ja vilinästä Flamingon puolelle syömään.

Flamingosta löytyy useita tuttuja paikkoja kuten La Famiglia ja Amarillo sekä Il Sicialono. Nälkään sopi tällä kertaa wokkeja ja susheja pääasiassa tarjoava Food Court.


Paikka oli sopivan tunnelmallinen ja hetkessä unohti hektisen kauppakeskuksen ja rauhoittui ruoan ääreen.

Ruoaksi valitsin beef wokin eli tuttavallisemmin sen naudanlihaa sisältäneen vaihtoehdon. Nuudelit kuuluivat luonnollisesti annokseen.


Ensimmäisen suuhun laitetun annoksen jälkeen oli todettava että kovin polttaa. Annoksessa meinaan oli kunnolla maustetta ja jytyä. Erinomaista! mukaan lounasajan nuudelit olivat olleet lötköjä, mutta ainakin illemmalla sellaista ei ollut havaittavissa. Nuudelit olivat juuri sopivia ja annos myös kooltaan ja hintalaadultaan hyvä. Jumboon/Flamingoon eksyvälle erinomainen vaihtoehto.

Public traffic angst

Yesterday was a great day to go and enjoy a lunch with friends at good old Himsikhar in Hakaniemi. It is one of our more popular eating places with great food and relatively quick service.
Unfortunately my lunch experience took a blow right from the get go when the public transport system failed once again.


Agreed the weather was not totally calm and nice, but a little snowfall in Finland should not be a problem as it is a matter of course that every year we have winter..

After 10minutes of waiting for an apparently non existant bus connection I opted to walk.


Rather sadly for HSL (our local pub. transporter) I experienced timetable problems in the morning, at lunch break and after work as well.

Pre – Christmas

First off, sorry I have not been very active lately, mostly due to the very busy time of Christmas. So much to do, so little time. Presents to buy, extra long work days and a rather long spell of the flu to name a few culprits..

Here are a couple of pictures from the older part of Helsinkis central area and a small yet nice vegetarian restaurant located thereabouts.


Lots of snow everywhere and more coming almost constantly. White Christmas for all Finnish people. Sadly even our snow is not plowed as well as before with constant cuts in funding.


Old architecture is nice, not so square and blocky as modern buildings seem to be.


A calm pause from walking around town to visit Vegemesta. Small and cosy and excellent food.


I will be visiting Vegemesta again later to give a full post on the food as well as better quality photos.