Independence day

Finland celebrates her Independence day on the 6th of December. It is naturally a national holiday and practically everything is closed. In the evening most of the nation turns the tv on for watching the Independence Reception from the Presidential Palace.


My own independence day started off with a nice Dr Who marathon (great British sci-fi series), continued with a very long photowalk along nearly deserted streets and paths.


It was snowing practically all day long and walking along the path my head started to play on repeat the classic Christmas song -Walking in a winterwonderland. Lovely song, very annoying when it spins in your head for a while..

Snow started to build up even on the heads of moving people.


Stream running towards the sea was still mostly open as the it hasn’t been ultra cold yet.


The bay was however iced up. Not so thick as to be safe for moving around on, but thick enough to carry the built up snow and probably the most brave have been moving on ice already.


Lights and candles in trees. It is the darkest time of the year over here.



A small pond was totally frozen up. In the summer this is a nice place to stay and look at the birds swimming in the pond.


More Christmas lights to cheer us up!


Snowed in car and the light fading fast. It was time to go inside..


The independence day was a great day to cook inside and eat rather slowly. This steak was excellent and the cheesed up wedge potatoes with veggies and homemade sauce complimented it nicely. For drink, Julmust, a Swedish Christmas drink. Lovely day all in all.


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