The Hobbit – an Unexpected journey

As a long time Tolkien reader I was dismayed when it was announced  that Peter Jackson would be creating the movies of one of my all time favorite  books. Jackson was then known for more odd movies than good movies. Happily I was proven wrong when the first Lord of the Rings movie arrived.

Flash forward to 2012 and one of the most awaited movies of the year is another screening of  a Tolkien novel. This time  I was more than happy when Jackson had to direct the movie instead of someone else. This in my mind guaranteed that the movie would be positively similar to the LOTR trilogy.

The Hobbit is as a movie excellent on the whole, albeit a little longer than it maybe should have been. Considering the size of the novel it is almost hilarious to hear that there will be another trilogy made of it.. (Of course this means a couple more movie premieres and anticipation to see the next parts of the novel churned out on the screen.)

After a rather slow start the Hobbit picks up speed and is very thoroughly enjoyable. Even the slow start is okay with the lovely scenery of the Middle-Earth in glorious HFR 3D. For me this was the first 3D movie that really flowed and the 3D enhanced the immersion into the movie instead of making me feel that it was unnecessary trickery. The HFR effect could be seen especially in the faster parts of the movie where there is practically zero blurring and everything stays clear.

Totally recommended for all fans of the Lord of Rings.

The Hobbit – trailer2 

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