Tapas Y Barcelona

Shoppailun ja hengailun puitteissa tuli poikettua lounaan merkeissä Ravintola Barcelonaan. Lounaalla tarjolla ei ollut paikalle tunnusomaisia tapaksia buffet hengessä, vaan listalla oli pastaa kera paneroidun kanan. Alkupalaksi keittoa ja luonnollisesti salaattia. Jälkiruoaksi oli hedelmäsalaatti ja kahvi/tee.


Hintataso oli normaali eli juuri sopivasti lounassetelin maksimiarvo. Ruoka oli hyvää, etenkin kana ja sosekeitto toimi oikein hyvin, mitälie kasviksia olikaan.

Tila on melko pieni ja buffetista puuttui looginen asettelu, eli ruokalajit eivät olleet järkevästi siinä järjestyksessä missä niitä ottaisi. Seurauksena ylimääräistä pyörimistä ja koko homman hidastuminen.

Ihan kelpo lounastusvaihtoehto, tapaksia pitänee joku kerta testailla erikseen.


As a quick remedy for a rumbling tummy on a day of shopping and hanging out a new lunch place for the testing. Yay!

Rather originally named Barcelona is a Spanish food inspired tapas restaurant right in the centre of Helsinki. Location is pretty good, the restaurant itsellään quite small.

Lunch was quite normally priced ie. 9,70€ that gets you a buffet table with salads and soup as well as the main course which happened to be pasta and chicken on this occasion. Only negative thing to report was the placement of the buffet itself. No logic to the placement of courses. This is a problem in many smallish restaurants. Little thing and easy to improve upon.

All foods were tasty and the fresh fruit for dessert with coffee / tea was good. I need to visit the place again and taste their tapas to make a better judgement but the lunch was quite good.

Restaurant day pt 3

Last part of the restaurant day posts.


As a last place to visit on restaurant day it seemed natural to search for sweets.


Near the largest movie theater complex of Helsinki there was a promising place featuring chocolates and sweets.


Finnish and German assorted chocolates as well as home made chocolates to buy per the 100g.


The place was called Goethe and the had also made these cookie cakes with their name on them.

Chocolate fondue 1

There was also a chocolate fondue which you could dip pieces of fruit and marshmellows.

Chocolate fondue 2

Looks delicious, eh?

Chocolate fondue 3

The taste was also good and was a fun ending to a very pleasant day.

Restaurant day is definately a great addition to city culture and a great way for people to socialize and have fun together. Info and future dates and cities can be found at Restaurant Day

Highly recommended for either taking part as a restaurant keeper or as a enjoyer of different tastes.

Restaurant day pt 2

Continuing on yesterdays topic..

Chili restaurant

Chili con carne in a street boutique with hot chocolate spiced up with chili? Whats not to like in freezing weather to warm things up a bit..


Price and menu.


Extra chili for those in need of more kick.

Chilicon carne

Hot and tasty. After this and the Hot Chili chocolate my mouth burned for a time.

Pineapple 1

Not especially a northern fruit but a fun idea.

Pineapple 2

Fresh pineapple with mascarpone cheese. Tasted great with the flavor of the fruit giving a contrast to the mild cheese.

Pineapple 3

Home-made lollipops for sale

These homemade lollipops were a mobile spark of tasty.

pop-up restaurant

Another small stand to sell specialties.

More to come…

Restaurant Day pt 1


For a couple years there has been a city culture event in Helsinki by the name of Restaurant Day. Finland has ultra strict regulations on how food in restaurants must be prepared (hygiene etc) and also relatively high cost of rent and high taxes along with expensive labor. As such restaurants can be expensive to visit and expensive to run.

The idea of Restaurant Day is simple. For one day, 4 times a year everyone can make their favorite foods/ drinks /dessert and make a pop up restaurant at home or on the sidewalk or in a park. Choice is yours.

Location and name of the restaurant as well as the main idea is given before hand to the event coordinators who pro-bono help and provide a map with the locations of different places.

Chinese dessert 2

Last weekend was restaurant day and there were tons of different places to visit and different delicasies to taste.

Chinese dessert 1

Restaurant Day has boomed into a international event happening simultaneously in different countires and cities/towns. IT was also great to see how international the day was here in Helsinki as well.

Chinese dessert of tomatoes dipped in sweets was something I had never tasted before. Interesting and quite tasty.

Ginger drinks and russian treats

Another fun spot was two girls who had come from St Petersburg to visit and give a taste of local cuisine.

Russian treats

Lovely small treats and very gingery ginger drinks.


Teddybear had also come from neighbouring Russia to visit.

All places seemed to draw small crowds which was excellent. The nice winter weather was also a plus.

More to come…

Coffee break

Sometimes its just great to sit back and enjoy a great cup of coffee and some dessert in good company.


Cappucino from Café Lasipalatsi with a brownie and suddenly all is well for a while.


Helsinki has more and more great Cafés so it is nicer to spend time in different spots as well, although most everybody likes to have their favorite places..




Classic Pizza

Ah, Pizza! That Classic of weekend foods.


In Itis, therehas been a pizzeria called Classic Pizza for ages. The restaurant was able to get a place in the basement of the department store of Stockmann, close to the food store of Herkku. The location is good for a quick stop for proper pizza in between shopping. Rather suprisingly the din of the store does not become bothersome.


The service was pleasant albeit a bit slow due to the fact that the place was full to the last seat.

The menu consists of all the usual pizzas with a couple of specialties. The pizzas are made properly where you can see them made and not somewhere in the back. There is a selection of wines and beers as well as coffee and desserts.

Pricewise the pizzas start from 9€ and top 15€ so definately not the cheapest place.

From the menu I chose a house specialty called Tuffo with Rocket salad, mozzarella, porcino, champignon and red olives. The pizza ingredients were chosen by Finnish TV-chef Jyrki Sukula.


The pizza was large enough but not too big. After the first bite I was very happy with choosing this pizza as the taste was great. This pizza is totally vegetarian so good for those so inclined. And tasteful even for a meat lover..

World Press Photo 2013

Today the awards for the worlds best press photos were published at World Press Photo 2013. Lots of excellent photos there. By nature most are of conflicts and strife. After all a picture speaks a thousand words. The winning photo comes from Sweden and is by Paul Hansen. Pretty cool to win such a prestigious award IMHO.

My own favorite is the nature picture of an emperor penguin rising towards the surface that can be seen here.

Great pictures move people and hopefully can increase awareness of the condition of life outside our homes and hometowns.