Restaurant Day pt 1


For a couple years there has been a city culture event in Helsinki by the name of Restaurant Day. Finland has ultra strict regulations on how food in restaurants must be prepared (hygiene etc) and also relatively high cost of rent and high taxes along with expensive labor. As such restaurants can be expensive to visit and expensive to run.

The idea of Restaurant Day is simple. For one day, 4 times a year everyone can make their favorite foods/ drinks /dessert and make a pop up restaurant at home or on the sidewalk or in a park. Choice is yours.

Location and name of the restaurant as well as the main idea is given before hand to the event coordinators who pro-bono help and provide a map with the locations of different places.

Chinese dessert 2

Last weekend was restaurant day and there were tons of different places to visit and different delicasies to taste.

Chinese dessert 1

Restaurant Day has boomed into a international event happening simultaneously in different countires and cities/towns. IT was also great to see how international the day was here in Helsinki as well.

Chinese dessert of tomatoes dipped in sweets was something I had never tasted before. Interesting and quite tasty.

Ginger drinks and russian treats

Another fun spot was two girls who had come from St Petersburg to visit and give a taste of local cuisine.

Russian treats

Lovely small treats and very gingery ginger drinks.


Teddybear had also come from neighbouring Russia to visit.

All places seemed to draw small crowds which was excellent. The nice winter weather was also a plus.

More to come…

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