Restaurant day pt 3

Last part of the restaurant day posts.


As a last place to visit on restaurant day it seemed natural to search for sweets.


Near the largest movie theater complex of Helsinki there was a promising place featuring chocolates and sweets.


Finnish and German assorted chocolates as well as home made chocolates to buy per the 100g.


The place was called Goethe and the had also made these cookie cakes with their name on them.

Chocolate fondue 1

There was also a chocolate fondue which you could dip pieces of fruit and marshmellows.

Chocolate fondue 2

Looks delicious, eh?

Chocolate fondue 3

The taste was also good and was a fun ending to a very pleasant day.

Restaurant day is definately a great addition to city culture and a great way for people to socialize and have fun together. Info and future dates and cities can be found at Restaurant Day

Highly recommended for either taking part as a restaurant keeper or as a enjoyer of different tastes.


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