Istanbul continued

Spring is much, much further advanced towards summer in Turkey than up north in Finland. The weather is already climbing to temperatures we Scandinavians would deem as summer and trees and flowers are blooming with life. And trees are green too!

Tulips by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on

This time of the year there is a traditional tulip festival in Istanbul so the streets are blooming in colors. Apparently the festival has been ongoing for a while so these where probably the last weeks of that and it was great to see.

spring 2

Cherry trees are also already in blossom.


As you can see. Everything is rather green at this time of the year, I know that in the middle of the summer it might be a little more dry but spring is definately a nice time to visit Istanbul.

turkish tea

A little tea to refreshen the weary. Turks grow their own tea and like coffee, the taste needs to be rather strong.

scenery in Istanbul

Somehow drinking tea or coffee has a different meaning with such a vista to behold.

city of bridges and mosques. Istanbul

There are some very large bridges in Istanbul as the city stradles two continents and the Bosborus must somehow be crossed. In days gone by the city was connected to its other sides by ferry only. Of course with a huge population that is not the most practical way to do things so now there are two very large bridges crossing the strait as well as the ferries that still run a tight timetable. In the future the metro will also connect the eastern and the western halves of the metropolis.

street sale

Many small streetside boutiques selling food stuff are to be found. Local and tourist taste can both be satisfied.


Chips in the making. These were excellent, rarely do I get to eat freshly made hot potatoe chips so it was a rare treat for me.


Ah, so delicious and probably so unhealthy!

flowers by the tree

and more beautiful colors of the nature.


Of course, Turkey being a populous muslim country, the outlines of minarets are visible everywhere..


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