Rento – Bar and bistro

My blog has been, it seems, taken over by a lot of photos/ photo related stuff and there has been less about food. This has been in part due to the fact that I have been busy in other regions of life, work mostly and also because spring is one of the definite times to be outdoors as much as possible. Another contributing factor is that the places I have eaten at have been familiar, already blogged off etc.

Today the lunch was different though, as due to the windy weather our lunch plan changed from the Flying Dutchman (Lentävä Hollantilainen) ship restaurant to a place called Rento (“Relax” in English). Quite suprisingly, I have never visited the place, only known of its existence in the neighborhood.

Rento offers lunch food as well as more a la carte type food in the evenings, but the feel is a bit like a well lit and kept pub to me. They also serve beer/cider so in the evenings it can be a nice place to hang out with friends.


For lunch there is apparently four different meals available, and of course the menu differs day to day. Today Rento offered Hamburgers, crepés with curry-chicken filling, veggie-lasagne and salad with chicken. As per the photo above, I chose to eat the crepé. The food came relatively fast considering the amount of people that came just before us.

For starters there was the usual salad/bread table to ease the waiting. As the food arrived I was pleasantly suprised by all off the portions. My company of lunch eaters took three of the four different dishes so it was easy to judge that all were very satisfactory. The crepe and the filling in my own portion was big enough to fill an empty stomach and the taste was nice with enough curry for the average Scandinavian eater. If you are from India, you might prefer a little more kick though!

Rento will now be a nice addition to the places I regularly visit, as long as the quality stays the same. If you visit Hakaniemi, keep it in mind as a potential lunch / after work visit.

To the homepage of Rento .

Its a rainy day

Today it seems that the weather will be rainy for the day and the mood is thus a little different than yesterday when the sun shone and it was warm and beautiful.

Bridge to the harbor by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on

I am also going through one of those black and white moods in my photography, need to lighten up maybe?
Anyway,somehow the mood in this song suits today very well. Great song by the talented Jamie Cullum:

Have a nice Sunday, where ever you are!

Lifesaver upon a wall


Lifeboat on the wall? A symbol or still in use. I do not know. But I do know that there is a profound meaning in it. We all need someone to save us, at some point in time. It may be more of a spiritual or mental help when we have bad times or it may be real physical need that we have. Each one of needs it, whether we admit it or not. On the other hand probably all of us also are the ones doing the life-saving at one point or the other. It may not even be obvious, but a couple of right words to a stranger may mean much more to them than you will ever know..

Just walking

Sometimes its great to just take a camera with one lens and stroll at your own pace through the city. It can be liberating or frustrating depending on the viewpoint. I find that it is mostly liberating in that I can focus on just the one focal length and not bother with changing lenses or cameras. Also this forces the mind and the eye to see the details that the chosen lens can illustrate.


Flowers from Kallio, towards the center of the city.


A street in Kallio facing Merihaka


I loved the colors and the architecture in this view.


One of the buildings that exhibit a little daring architecture, the Ympyrätalo (Roundhouse :D) is located in Hakaniemi. I have also worked in that building for a couple of years so there is a certain sense of nostalgia when I look upon it.


Just nice colors in this tunnel to a inner yard.


The windows of houses are sometimes very interesting. Especially older architecture seems to have a lot of nice details


Some quite flamboyant buildings along the way as well.


Sushi seems to be all the rage in Helsinki at the moment. Smaller and bigger sushi places can be found all over the city.


Nice little boat, eh? Belongs to a certain fellow countryman who goes by the nickname Iceman.


A walking bridge between Katajanokka and the center of the city.

Lovebridge pt1

The bridge is full of locks proclaiming lasting love. In the background is a nice restaurant called Sipuli which has great food.

Missing someone you love?

I felt moved by this older gentleman. Somehow I think he was remembering someone very dear to him.


The view from Katajanokka towards the north. Merihaka has its own architecture, of which I am not exactly a fan of. But it has its own uniqueness of course and the people living there have a great view of the city center.



Church cross backlit as the sun is being blocked by storm clouds.


Finally even as the sun is setting, Rays of pure light break through the massing clouds.


There is a certain satisfaction in seeing how the change of seasons is shown in the nature. The leaves sprout out, beautiful flowers blossom, new life grows. Birds sing and the wind whispers warmly against the skin. Even the occasional bout of rain does not make one less happy for the rain is welcome, a giver of life as sure as the sun!


Flowing water also has a profound symbolism: life always advancing, always moving forwards.

New Jolla phone!

Jolla side

As a self-admitted geek I have always enjoyed technology in its different forms and variations. As as Finn it was always nice to read how Nokia dominated the mobile markets for over a decade. With the advent of iPhone and Android Nokia has lost some of its glamour, although I still like the models the company is doing now. The Lumia series is lovely, the newest models in particular. With the discontinuing of Nokia / Intel software collaboration of a mobile OS called Meego I was a bit saddened.

However a bit later it was announced that that project would live on, and a small Finnish company called Jolla was formed to this end. Today is the long-awaited day when they finally released the phone to the public. Below is the video:

I love the simplistic elegance of this phone. A worthy successor to the Nokia N9 which used the earlier version of Meego. (the N9 form language lives on in the Lumia models)


I cannot wait to get to test this phone. One of its great points is that it can run all Android based apps as well (both use Linux core).

colorful Jolla

What do you think?

all images+video copyright Jolla