Mosques – Istanbul

This is the third and final post of my Istanbul trip  (The first one can be found here and the second one here).


Blooming cherry trees frame the Mosque/Church/museum that is the Hagia Sophia. This used to be the largest church in Christendom before the building of the St Peters Basicila in Rome. With the conquest of Constantinople this was turned into a mosque and also formed a architectural inspiration for the Blue Mosque nearby.

Hagia Sofia

The Hagia Sofia is immense. And very popular among tourists, so remember to account for a long queue of people awaiting to get inside.

blue mosque

Inside the blue mosque. Not hard to realize where the name comes from is it?

blue mosque2

A work of art in so many ways. and a feat of architecture as well. Humans are rather good at building big things aren’t we?

new meets old

New meets old in cityscape. This shot was taken on board a ship, hand-held in the dimness of the evening, with a little breeze giving a bit of waves as well so sorry for the blurriness.


The Sun slowly setting and illuminating another of the citys large mosques. I am not sure which one this is, but the view was lovely, especially from the Bosphorus.

Good bye, Turkey by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on

Good Bye Istanbul! Fare thee well and I will surely visit you again!

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