Snakes and Gulls or the nature awakening

With the weather warming up all sorts of critters are moving and seen now.

your friendly neighbor

Finland has only three snake species of which this fellow is the only variety that is poisonous. The Viper is rather shy though and will move away from people given the chance. However sometimes they bite people, usually when they feel they are cornered. Or if you step on them as my mum nearly did with this one. But, she was wearing boots and no harm done. The venom is not really deadly, but given the right circumstances can be so a visit to the hospital would have been needed.

searching for a mate

This bird was on the lookout for a mate,and as these things go, he was showcasing how brilliantly beautiful he is and how excellent in flying he is. Not so different from us humans eh?


Some species of gulls live through the year in the coastal areas, others like these migrate for the summer. Also showcasing his flying skills and seemingly enjoying a lovely wind giving lift.


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