New Jolla phone!

Jolla side

As a self-admitted geek I have always enjoyed technology in its different forms and variations. As as Finn it was always nice to read how Nokia dominated the mobile markets for over a decade. With the advent of iPhone and Android Nokia has lost some of its glamour, although I still like the models the company is doing now. The Lumia series is lovely, the newest models in particular. With the discontinuing of Nokia / Intel software collaboration of a mobile OS called Meego I was a bit saddened.

However a bit later it was announced that that project would live on, and a small Finnish company called Jolla was formed to this end. Today is the long-awaited day when they finally released the phone to the public. Below is the video:

I love the simplistic elegance of this phone. A worthy successor to the Nokia N9 which used the earlier version of Meego. (the N9 form language lives on in the Lumia models)


I cannot wait to get to test this phone. One of its great points is that it can run all Android based apps as well (both use Linux core).

colorful Jolla

What do you think?

all images+video copyright Jolla

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