Tallships race 2013

From Wednesday to Saturday Helsinki was a bustling with life.


Sailors were in town in massive numbers. Reason: Tallship races 2013. Approximately 500k spectators visited the docked ships as well so there was a lot of crowd in the Hietalahti area of Helsinki.

Old school

Old style sailships are a sight to behold. Modern ships are so different. These somehow transfer the feeling of vast oceans and long explorative trips into the unknown much better.


There were “modern” sailships with steel hulls as well as the old Göthenborg which is a full out replica of a 18th century tallship. Lovely to behold.. It is easy to imagine what the docks of yesteryears looked with many of the old tallships coming and going.


The rear of the Götheborg.


Nice masts!


Colorful fireworks. Such use of colors was apparently the first time done here in Finland. It was a bit too windy unfortunately but still quite beautiful.



Large crowds gathered to see the ships as well as meet friends on a Friday afternoon. Ominous clouds in the background. There was also live concerts with Finnish bands such as Don Johnson Big band and Von Hertzen Brothers. All for free as well.

Thunderclouds or just dark clouds?

The clouds made for a extremely moody evening. And a little depressing, I kept thinking will it rain soon? Luckily it did not!

Sea of masts

Smaller sailships were aplenty as well. Visitors from all over the world. Mostly from Europe naturally.


I just adored this small boat. So endearing.

Moody skies

Lovely, beautiful sky as the sun started to set amidst the clouds.

Jack Sparrow I presume

And lo and behold! Even Jack Sparrow made an appearance. Was the Pearl lost again?


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