Budapest, second part

Continuing on the previous post on Budapest.

One of the must see places in Budapest is Gellert Hill. It is the highest point in the city itself so it is a natural spot for sightseeing.

On top of Gellert Hill there are several interesting spots. The statue of freedom /liberty can be seen above. Close to the statue there is the citadel which was used by amongst others the nazi as well as later on the freedom fighters of the uprising against Communist rule.


The view from the hill is lovely and well worth a climb to the top.


The Hungarian Presidential palace is located near the old royal palace in the old town of Buda (castle district of Budapest). There is a change of guards daily if you are into that sort of thing.

parliament house

One of the most internationally known sights is the beautiful parliament house, which is massive considering the size of Hungary. Very pompous and lot of flair but that seems to be a national pastime. The building is almost as large as its British counterpart, but six times less people, go figure.. But nonetheless a beautiful building.


A local playing a flute.


The influx of Americana: Starbucks, KFC can be seen in Budapest. I have always wondered about the dominating stature of Starbucks considering how expensive/average tasting their coffee is. Especially compared to so many proper cafés in Europe.. But anyhow, their business is thriving everywhere it seems.


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