Budapest, city of food and sights

There are many a beautiful sight to behold in Budapest. The Mathias church is one of those. Named after the national hero and first king of Hungary the building is fabulous. It is one of the undeniable central spots of the Buda side.


As far as foods and snacks go, I would advise on eating in restaurants, this small assortment sold near the church was suprisingly one of the most expensive prices of the whole trip per size of snack. But at least it tasted good..


There is a lot of nice architecture and details to be found. I liked the form and light of this corridor.

Goulash is one of the must have dishes in Hungary. Tasty, nutrituous and available almost everywhere as a starter.
A well made main dish of duck meat. Not a dish I often eat but well made and very tasty.


A little dessert to compliment the fine food.

Normal tourist attractions in many cities but a horse ride does have a romantic feeling.


Another view of the city of Budapest.

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