Sometimes it is great to loosen up and enjoy good cinema. As far as movies go, I am quite omnivorous and the most important part of any movie is just that it works in the way it is filmed and has a good story. Some movies are the sort that make you really long for the day premiere, others can be a suprise feast to the eyes and the ears.

As an avid Formula one fan I was well aware of the fact that there was a sort of semi-documentary film being made of the great F1 world champion James Hunt and his rivalry with another great driver and three times world champ Niki Lauda. The movie premiered a while back but I had the possibility to go and see it a bit late. On the positive side this meant a half-empty theater and thus excellent seats and a sort of peaceful enjoyment of the movie. I am not a big fan of 100% filled movie theaters where you might just end up getting pop corn thrown at you or have a huge fellow enjoying the movie in front of you and making it difficult to see the whole screen. 😉

Anyway, I believe this movie to be one of the top 3 movies of the 2013 year. A lot of drama and suspense as well as beautiful cinemagraphy. Great acting by all the main players and the director has made a splendid job in pulling it altogether. Definately worth the 2hrs.


Migrating before the winter comes

valkoposket laskussa

Geese are leaving, ever to return back to Finland when the spring comes. Hundreds of thousand birds migrating in the autumn, to spend the winter in a much warmer climate. The trip south can be hazardous, but staying here would mean a certain death. So come the first cold days and nights and the birds somehow know when it is the best moment to go and then its bye-bye Finland.

valkoposket takaa

For someone who loves birds, it is bittersweet. There will not be much to photograph or look at for many months. For sure there are birds still, but the masses are gone.


The last of the migrating birds are heading south as the first snow has started to come in midlands and north. Beautiful formations with different species doing different formations, others flying solo.

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HĂ€me Castle

There are a few medieval castles in Finland. One of the newer ones and in excellent condition is the HĂ€me castle, which is located in the city of HĂ€meenlinna (=HĂ€me castle in Finnish). The city grew around the stronghold more or less so the name being the same is not an accident.


HĂ€meenlinna is located about 1.5h away from Helsinki so it is easy to visit. There is a museum there as well and also the possibility to roam about and enjoy the lovely views.


Like all proper buildings of stature the proportions are immense. You feel small beside the building.


Nordic castles differ from the type of castles depicted in Hollywood movies due to the fact that there is and has always been this thing called winter here. It has always been essential that the castle have a proper roof on it as well as it being defendable in the winter and maybe a bit of warmth as well inside the building. Think the fortresses on the Wall in The Game of Thrones.. Oh well, we are colder than that 😉


Cobbled pathways, nasty on the foots, especially for the ladies in heels. But on the other hand they used to have a little different boots and shoes back in the day.


Nice moat! It is easy to imagine how difficult a place like this would have been to attack with the defenders shooting and throwing things at you.


The sun slowly fading and twilight taking over. As you can see the leaves are falling.


Lakes are a natural part of Finland as well, this one is actually a system of lakes so it was one of the reasons for the location of the lakes, a strategic position.

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Gold ‘n Green

As is evident from these photos, the autumn is drawing towards its magnificent end. All the leaves will soon fall and then the winter will start, at least temperature wise. Until it snows it can be very bleak and dark so far up in the north.


Lovely colors, don’t you think?


Now the forecast says there is a possibility of snow this week so this beautiful period is almost over. Sad!


Mölkky by Jere Ketola on

One of our national pastimes in the summer is to play Mölkky. It is great fun, a bit similar to petanque but different. Hailing from eastern parts of the country originally.

I snapped this photo in the traditional street shooting style, just happened to be passing by and stopped to see if I could nail a shot where a game piece is in mid-air. As you can see, I got that part right. There was a very strong backlight so I was happy to see how the colors and the rendition were spot on for what I wanted. Taken in the classic 50mm focal lenght.