Family time

As luck would have it the weather was nice for a few days before the constant rain continued and I had the possibility to go look for a very special bird. The Whooper Swan is the national bird of Finland and it is always a part of the autumn to try and see them before they leave. Whooper swans are relatively shy and they usually live in the lakes of Finland with very tight territories where they will not allow other swans to visit. They are one of those rare breeds that form a life-long relationship with another swan and they come back to their home every spring and build their home and nest their eggs. The bigger families are said to have up to nine off-spring. Usually the amount is much smaller.


As the autumn comes, the whoopers form bigger flocks and come from their secluded lakes to the fields of southern coastal regions. Families gather together and form small groups within groups. The youngster still have dark feathers, so it is quite easy to see the family formations.


The take-off of big birds can be stupendous to watch. I wish I had beem a little closer but with birds this shy it is hard. And I cannot afford the 600mm, 800mm pro lenses for bird shots.

Fly away with me!

Beautiful and very much relaxing to see this sort of spectacle.

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2 thoughts on “Family time

    1. Whooper Swans are related to geese, but are much larger. I would say that the difference is similar to what Eagles are to Hawks. Whooper Swan is the one which really sings, and has even been said to be the basis of the saying “swansong” in the English language. It is the national bird of Finland and protected, geese on the other hand can be hunted in the autumn with a permit.

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