Happy New Year!


Slow or should I say fast start to the new year. 2014 has started as damp and cold as 2013 ended. Pretty much constant drizzle of water is the name of the game. Work has also been very time and energy consuming. I even have not had much possibility to go out and photograph anything special. Due to the semi-darkness of the daylight time it seems that I have to properly start doing more tripod shooting and long/very long exposures are the name of the game. Or maybe I should somehow get my hands on a Nikon D4/Df or a 1Dx/5mk3 from Canon so that I could shoot in the dark!

Christmas by Jere Ketola on 500px.com
This one taken with my antique D70 and a wide-angle (10mm).

I hope this year will be even better than last year. And last year was really., really special for me, with lovely traveling, a great winter and a great summer of photographing. Goals/hopes for the year: Hopefully get a new camera, travel to new places, improve as a person and a photographer.


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