First snow

So, Southern Finland finally got her first snow of the winter. The word would be of course, finally, as last year the winter started oh, about two months earlier. So with almost a snap of the fingers the weather changed from dark, wet and relatively warm (+8 celsius) to around -10 with first snow on the ground as well. Positively, there is more light now and that has a very invigorating effect.

Here are a few snaps just after the snow came. If you have followed my blog for a while you can see how dark and wet it has been earlier.


As is obvious from the photos, there is not a lot of snow as of yet. But still rather nice, albeit I do not like if the temperature drops too low. At the moment its more a case of how you clothe yourself..





A lot of trees fell down in the last storm of the autumn.


More tk.

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