Restaurantday, final part

Continuing from the previous post on the Restaurantday, a bit more photos from that day.


Moving on from Esplanadi to Aleksanterinkatu there were a few stalls selling food here as well. Peasoup in one of them..


Towards Kamppi there were more restaurants. Foods ranging from Taiwanese and thai to pancakes and cupcakes as well as chocolate chip cookies. The weather was starting to get even more miserable with the fog changing towards foggy rain.

narikka 9

Different styles, different approaches to selling food. Excellent hot chocolate from the guys in the lower photo.


This was a stall selling Asian vegetarian food.


A bit of Kebab for you,sir? These guys seemed to be having a blast.


The last place to visit as the weather was getting more and more miserable.

narikka pannari

Excellent pancakes! Made on the spot on a gas stove. The fillings tasted good! There was even cloudberry in the one I chose. Great job!

Restaurant day

So, Restaurantday was again. 🙂 The food festival is still going strong in Finland and more and more gaining new ground in other countries such as Japan, Denmark, Russia etc. Great to hear. Compared to last winters restaurantday the weather this February 16th was totally different. Last year the temperature was quite cold with a proper winter and snow. This year however, there was at times a totally immersive fog. Later on in the day it was also raining. Still a great day with some nice treats. I approached the day a bit differently. Instead of a 50mm lens I took a more wide-angle lens and the photos are therefore more of the surroundings than the tighter details. OF course this also meant I was photographing the architecture and a bit of the scenery when possible.


As you can see from the above photo the fog was of course quite beautiful and gives the landmarks of the city a little bit of that extra something. The different “restaurants were as usual located all over the city so it was only natural to use the Restaurantday app to check out which places to visit and eat at this time.

pankki sumussa

Walking through Kruununhaka region on the way to African cuisine. THe building of the Bank of Finland. The statue, JV Snellman, one of the most important statesmen in our lands history and one of the persons who awoke the yearning for an independent state.


There is a bit of the more pompous architecture in Helsinki as well. Although such buildings are relatively rare as we Finns are not ones to build such monuments.


A small office in the heart of Kruununhaka, the first stop. The food was from Madagaskar and excellent. I was a bit suprised at the use of spices. But a great first stop. Did not get any useable photos of the food inside, so you will just have to take my word for it 🙂


Not so much snow in the city.

foggy city

Two different pop-up restaurants on this side street. Indian cuisine inside a yoga school. Great small treats, I tasted a nice dessert which was sweet, not spicy for once(I have a long history of eating Indian cuisine and getting suprised by the inclusion of spices in places one would not expect).

The second restaurant was selling raw cakes (you know, the ones which are all the rage with vegetarians). The cakes looked nice,the prices however were way too high for the spirit of the festival. The other day I read from the newspaper that the restaurant will be starting in the same place for real and this was a test run. No wonder the prices were so high..

Onwards and to Esplanadi park.


Here the resturants were under the skies or in tents and there was also rather more bustling and people enjoying food.


Also tourists mingling with the locals.



There was even lines in some of the booths.


Enjoying the food.


Great Thai chicken at a nice price. Of course I had to take a bite 🙂


African Mama wings had also chicken wings with a bit of spice. Excellent!


Om Nom!

People in the fog.


A bit of dessert. 🙂

More tk.



Cloud services are all the rage nowadays. Now there is a newcomer on the block, which hails from my homeland. Younited by F-Secure is a cloud service which provides added security and also compatibility with other clouds like dropbox and oneDrive (formerly known as skydrive). I will be using Younited and will see how it fares in my use. This photo is of their fun campaign with SOME in the form of a giant hashtag.

Sleepy days, restless nights

sleepy bear

This brown bear (Ursus Arctos Arctos) pretty much defines my feeling for the week in general. Sleepy and just waiting for the spring to come and rescue from the miserable dampness that has so far defined this winter as a whole. The snow we got very untypically late in January is already fast melting away and there is just wet and slippery snow and ice everywhere at the moment.

Wanted to share this song at the same time. Lovely guitar play. Although I think one really would be able to tell if its heaven or hell..

Ice-hockey, Finnish style

Ice hockey is by far the most popular sport in Finland. Our players and teams can be practically national heroes and the love of the sport is learned at a very young age. On the eve of the Winter Olympic games it is great to see the sport thriving as usual and I hope that we may compete for a medal in the Games at Sotshi. It will be great and thrilling to watch the teams compete in this great sport. Of course the Olympics have other interesting sports to follow, but for me, this is the one that gets the most attention.

So of course there needs to be venues to play the sport, grand ice rinks, smaller ice rinks etc. Then there is of course the old school thing of doing a ice rink where ever its possible. That is, where there is players and a flat piece of ice.

Icehockey on the sea

This is on the Kruununhaka side of town, as you may see from the ships, it is on sea ice. And depending on the weather and the time of the day there can be a full blown game of ice hockey going on or as here a couple of kids just having fun.

Ice Hockey on the ice pt2

A different part of the city and a different time of the day. A father and son playing and skating together on the sea again. This taken in the southern tip of the city. Great fun don’t you think?

More tk.