Restaudarantday pt. 2

As promised here is the second and final part of the Restaurantday photos.


Raw food. Chocolate balls 😉


The friendly restaurant manager.


Lot of people around in the Kallio district of Helsinki.


Finnish specialty, Karelian pastry or karjalanpiirakka. With eggbutter. Tasty!


R.I.P diet.





Sushi to go?


Esplanade park in central Helsinki, packed with people enjoying the food festival.

Eagerly waiting for the next restaurantday. 🙂 One of these times I will be doing my own restaurant. But still the craving to be about and see what others are up-to has been too strong to resist.

5 thoughts on “Restaudarantday pt. 2

    1. The next one is on the 17th of August. 🙂 Its a great event. IF you havent seen it, their website is and closer to the events they have also a map where you can look for places to visit etc. +There is also a app for most phones that you can use to help navigate on the day. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 And do come again. 🙂 hope you will enjoy your stay here in Finland.

  1. Hi! I’m going to restaurant day tomorrow but I’m having some trouble finding exactly where to go and what time. The website isn’t helping on those topics. Do you have any advice?

    1. I would highly recommend you start at around 11AM and work your way from for example Esplanadi toward Kruununhaka and from there toward Kallio.

      As a first timer on restaurant day I would recommend trying many different places and small portions. I would also highly recommend getting the application for Restaurant day on your phone and it will help you find the next nice places. I hopefully will be also taking part, but have a wedding to shoot today so I may be too exhausted tomorrow to photograph.

      I hope you will enjoy tomorrow!

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