Sri Lankan food – in Helsinki

It has been a while since my last restaurant /food review.  Sorry about that, I have been eating more home-cooking and less outside.

Anyway,  today I had the chance to test Restaurant Hansini in Aurinkolahti (Vuosaari district of Helsinki). I have been aware of this place for a while but I believed it to be your regular pizza/kebab place of which there is no shortage in Helsinki.

However I was thinking about a pizza so I stumbled upon their menu. Which had Sri Lankan food on it as well. No, this is not your average run of the mill neighborhood pizzeria/kebab place.


Hansini is located right beside a canal in Aurinkolahti, on the eastern side of the district.

The place was really hot inside as we are enjoying a very warm spell at the moment.  Spur of the moment: they do take-away portions at  the same price, so a couple of dishes and a lemonade and to the side of the canal to eat. Running water and shade. What more could you possibly want on a very hot day?


As you can see, a nice spot to sit down on some terraced concrete and enjoy a taste of a cuisine I really love. If you have been reading my blog you will know I love Sri Lanka and have been there a few times and was there last autumn. So it was great to see if I can get some proper Sri Lankan food.


The dishes from left to right: vegetable with rice and curry. Chicken with rice and spices.

The food was to be expected, a little toned down for Finnish taste. Spicy, but not so hot as the dishes I have enjoyed in Sri Lanka. The restaurant will however upon request do the full-blown hot stuff as well.. Next time I think. Anyway, the veggie dish was very nice and not too spicy with a lot of nice tasting parts in it. The chicken had a bit more bite in it but not too much. All in all, a very very positive a experience. Highly recommended.

to their homepage from here: Hansini



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