Like mother and child

foggy autumn blues

This shot was taken after the sun had set, so the light was really low, had time for a couple of frames and then the deer noticed me and of into the forest they went. A special moment, just the animals and me, a total silence all around. A beatiful moment, albeit not an excellent photograph.

Foggy pastures

As the days start to shorten and the warmth gradually lessens, the fogs start appearing more and more often in the mornings and evenings. The sea and the lakes are far more warm than the air so I guess its just natural.

Balls of food. A way to pack the fodder for cows etc. so it stays fresh during the winter.


Somehow I liked the contrast of white balls in the countryside. A very common sight in the autumn in Finland.

Autumn evenings

Photograph Layers by Jere Ketola on 500px


I took this photo because I saw so many layers at the same time happening. A static gull, a kayak, a sailboat, a motorboat, all on their own planes of existence. Sometimes life resembles this situation. We are moving along on the same canvas,never touching, never crossing paths living our own destinies.

autumn_helsinki nature

A cottage on an island that I somehow really love, albeit from afar. Something that sparks my curiosity. How nice would it be to stay there for the summer? To enjoy the change of weather and just sit and watch the light change along with the tide.

Contrasting weather

The changes in the weather have been epic to say the least. First a stunningly cold beginning to summer, then a very hot and long period and then boom the weather changed into constant thunder storms, and a drop to very cold weather. autumn_helsinki nature

Showing both sides of the weather.
autumn_helsinki nature

And now, again lovely weather, atypically warm for the beginning of September. Now of course the leaves are starting to turn yellower and soon the full autumn colors will be on display. Also, gathering birds for migration once more.

A special time for sure.