Crab season


In Finland as well as Sweden it is customary to have big parties and enjoy eating crab amongst friends and family. Of course it is also a good excuse to drink wine or even snaps of vodka..


It is also a smells a bit of the old class-system as it is very much a thing of the more wealthy people (more and more also the normal middle-pay people as well).

Still, it is very much a Finnish thing to do in the autumn when the season  for crab is here.


The eating is very much a messy affair with very little meat to be eaten from one crab. The main Part to eat is in the rear and then a bit in the scissors.  There is also a delicious fluid in the crab which is customary to be sucked out.

The crab are usually served alongside toast and are eaten as an apperative as it is not very filling.


Excellent meat to eat as main course after enjoying the time spent playing with the crab..


And a nice dessert. Perfection.

This nice three-course dinner was eaten at restaurant Sunn beside the Senate square in the center of Helsinki.


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