Forlorn bird

Photograph Autumn bird by Jere Ketola on 500px


Been a while since I have used my old Nikon D70. Looking at some of the photos taken with it I sometimes wonder whats the problem with old technology? This photo is taken with an obsolete over a decade old digital camera. STill good enough to do a A3 sized print from and looks good to me?

6 thoughts on “Forlorn bird

  1. I use Nikon D300 and have a dream to get new Nikon camera. This was presented in 2007 and I bought my in 2008. In the newest “Tekniikan maailma” there was presented D750 and in this article, TM told very clearly what is important to know about photographing and cameras. I recommend to read the article.

    1. Nothing really new to me in that article. Been photographing for over two decades with over 10years more seriously.

      I do love the new D750 and have read a few good reports on it. Usually would recommend letting the model stay in the market for a while before buying it. The D600 is a good (bad) example of that. So far it seems the D750 is working perfectly with those who have it.
      I would love to have one. If I had the money.. Going further, If I had the money my dream combo would be a D750 and a D4(s) for different uses. I do not need more megapixels than 24. I have very big hands and the D70 feels tiny in my hand. The D300/D700/D8xx size is quite good for me, although haptics wise I love the biggest size DSLR ie D3/D4. For lugging them around, then a D750 or even something like the Olympus EM-10 would be my choice.

      1. Thank You. I told this because I was not sure if You do not know “enough” about photographing.

        I started my photographing in 1952. Here is photo from my first camera:

        About me.

        Have a nice weekend!

      2. Yep 🙂 No worries, its great someone comments every now and then and all comments are more than welcome 🙂 And even not being a novice its still good to remind oneself of the basics now and then. 🙂 You have a lot more experience photographing than me. 😀

        BTW the idea behind this post was originally that why do people insist on having the latest and the greatest when in many ways we have passed sufficiency a long while back. 🙂 Also maybe a bit of a nostalgic streak for me as I do love the look of CCD sensor vs the newer CMOS ones.

  2. Nice. I have a D90 but I rarely get to use it. I bought it when I was still active with outfit blogging. Now I mostly use my iPhone or GoPro when taking photos. It’s more handy and practical. We’re now in the shoot and share phase but I still love prints. I even want to print my photos and send them as postcards to friends abroad. Do you know the kind of paper I should choose when it comes to printing?

    1. For printing small photos I think you might do well in looking at the Canon Selphy range of printers. You can get very good quality with them at ok price. For bigger prints, I would recommend just finding a good local photo store or something and use their services, if howevery you like to print at home I personally like the Canon Pixma Pro series of printers. Epson I have used as well but have had varying results. Mostly good though. Paper wise Hahnemule or Canson papers are good but do not know of their availability where you are based.

      The D90 is still a good camera, if you do not need to shoot in pitch darkness. If you have a couple of prime lenses to go with it you would have a rather nice and compact system. I do agree that nowadays most people love to shoot with cameraphones as its so easy to share it onwards.

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