Testing the Lumia 1020 pt. 2 -resolution

The headline grabbing spec about the Lumia 1020 is the camera and its 41Mpix resolution. A couple of photos to show what that means in reality:

All photos open full size in Flickr if you are interested to see more of the detail.


This photo is at full resolution. Taken in dimly lit library in Helsinki.


Direct crop from the photo. You can actually read that the book is by Edgar Allen Poe. And generally speaking the corner is not where the best resolution of lens is. Slight noise in the photo which is less than I expected. Indoors without a flash and a small sensor compared to a DSLR.


I love staircases so here is an example of the library staircase in monochrome.

Another example of the resolution. This is the full size photo of an iPhone.


A crop from the same frame. I did not realize how jagged the edges on the phone were before this.. 😀


In part three there will be more photos taken with the lumia and my summary of the phone.

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