Streat Helsinki Eats

A quick glance on the street food festival that took place last weekend in Helsinki, aka Streat Helsinki Eats.

streat helsinki

streat helsinki

Lot of people camee to taste and enjoy great street food, all in all apparently something north of 30 000.

streat helsinki

From the food truck, excellent Marrakesh inspired street food. Tasty, vegetarian dish.

streat helsinki

streat helsinki

“french fries” of mixed root vegetables. Yummy!

streat helsinki

Tar-lemonade. Ah, lovely flavor!

streat helsinki

streat helsinki

Sausage-fest in the truest sense. These were hand-made, and lamb-meat in one of the sausage types. Pretty nice!

streat helsinki

A hamburger, the definate street food for the ages. This one was filled with yellow-muschrooms (kanttarelli). A Swedish food truck the source of it!

All in all a wonderful day, albeit very cold and windy.


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