A Memory of Light


At long last. A day that at one point seemed quite possible never to come. I got my copy of the last book in the epic fantasy book series of The Wheel of Time. A Memory of Light. Book 14 in a series that started in the 1980’s and whose author died just after the second to last book came out.

The Wheel of Time is a totally immersive world where the world waits for a savior to fight against evil. The plot starts with tree village boys who must leave their home for a destiny unbeknowest to them. Along the way the reader is sucked into an age old fight between Good and Evil.

There are definite Tolkien moments in the series, especially in the first book, the Eye of the World. However the world and the plot is much more complex and involves politics, love, war all in a thrilling package that is very difficult to stop reading.

The change of writer was unfortunate and very sad and also meant that there would be no more books after the final one. Originally there was to be at least a sidewinder from the main plot (located on a another continent) of which there are some hints as the story goes along. The writers widow chose wisely and Brandon Sanderson did a magnificent job in finishing the series based on Robert Jordans notes and drafts on what would happen. I was happy and very sad to finally get to the end after starting to read this series way back in the ´90s.

The final book was good enough for me to lose a little sleep to read it through. Now just need to start doing the whole re-read of all the books in the series.

Anyone else a fan of Robert Jordan (or James Oliver Rigney Jr. to use his real name) or the Wheel of Time?