Winter minimalism

This winter has been, perhaps busier than ever. I have had a few rare opportunities to photograph, with my day work taking so much time and most importantly, energy. Photography has been in part a therapy away from that. But that therapy requires only taking photos, it does not require or indeed always necessitate the sharing of said photos. The little activeness on that part has been on the easy to use platform that is instagram, not on wordpress.

Dinnertime by Jere Ketola on

Female Bearded reedling (Viiksitimali) in February.


Poised to take-off by Jere Ketola on

And to counterpart it, the male Bearded Reedling a true Angry bird if there ever was one.

These little birds are very fun to photograph and observe and it was a great pleasure to be able to do it this winter as it requires a bit off a special weather.




Feels like Summer to me

Curvy by Jere Ketola on

Spring has come once more to this far northern land. Everywhere green seems to be sprouting out and the nature is so alive now. We have also been enjoying a rather warm may in general, with temperatures climbing over +20C.


Sunflower by Jere Ketola on

Forests are full of flowers and the sun rises earlier and earlier and sets later and later. Soon it will be light all around the clock.


Abandonment by Jere Ketola on

Forests have mysteries hidden in them, more often than not. Here an abandoned house in the midst of woods.

All photos taken with the lovely Canon G5X.





Grasping for straws

Grasping for straws by Jere Ketola on

Ultra busy start to the year so far. Already summer is looming and I have not yet been able to edit or go through all my photos that I have taken this year or the last year for that matter. Time is really not a thing I have too much of at the moment. Happily summer will be more free of timetables.



Its starting to look like Christmas?

Elvenlight by Jere Ketola on

Late November and early December has been rather damp and wet, but there have been bright moments when the sun has shown up. And when it does, oh boy!

Here a small valley in fog with the sun from the south-west shining its beautiful light.




The Finnish summer has been one of rain and coldness. All in all, so far only 4 days which coul be categorized as warm days. Most of the time the temperature has been hovering under the +20 C mark and rain has been almost an everyday visitor. A huge contrast to the weather in most of Europe this summer.

Photograph Outcrop by Jere Ketola on 500px

This photo was taken in  the rain, that was so strong you could not see the otherside of the lake. In the photo it shows, but only barely.

Crab season


In Finland as well as Sweden it is customary to have big parties and enjoy eating crab amongst friends and family. Of course it is also a good excuse to drink wine or even snaps of vodka..


It is also a smells a bit of the old class-system as it is very much a thing of the more wealthy people (more and more also the normal middle-pay people as well).

Still, it is very much a Finnish thing to do in the autumn when the season  for crab is here.


The eating is very much a messy affair with very little meat to be eaten from one crab. The main Part to eat is in the rear and then a bit in the scissors.  There is also a delicious fluid in the crab which is customary to be sucked out.

The crab are usually served alongside toast and are eaten as an apperative as it is not very filling.


Excellent meat to eat as main course after enjoying the time spent playing with the crab..


And a nice dessert. Perfection.

This nice three-course dinner was eaten at restaurant Sunn beside the Senate square in the center of Helsinki.

Autumn evenings

Photograph Layers by Jere Ketola on 500px


I took this photo because I saw so many layers at the same time happening. A static gull, a kayak, a sailboat, a motorboat, all on their own planes of existence. Sometimes life resembles this situation. We are moving along on the same canvas,never touching, never crossing paths living our own destinies.

autumn_helsinki nature

A cottage on an island that I somehow really love, albeit from afar. Something that sparks my curiosity. How nice would it be to stay there for the summer? To enjoy the change of weather and just sit and watch the light change along with the tide.