Contrasting weather

The changes in the weather have been epic to say the least. First a stunningly cold beginning to summer, then a very hot and long period and then boom the weather changed into constant thunder storms, and a drop to very cold weather. autumn_helsinki nature

Showing both sides of the weather.
autumn_helsinki nature

And now, again lovely weather, atypically warm for the beginning of September. Now of course the leaves are starting to turn yellower and soon the full autumn colors will be on display. Also, gathering birds for migration once more.

A special time for sure.

Sick and all is gray

Sometimes, it seems one needs a bit of a pause, even when one does not know it. A couple of days under the blankets, a forced rest if you will. Unfortunately I had no ready posts for the blog in store, so my absence has been 100% total from the webosphere as well. Anyhow, all is well, still a bit under the flu but getting better all the time though. It is the season for being sick here, lot of flu varieties around and influenza as well, so it sometimes seems only a matter of time before one gets the bug.


Anyway, trying to get back on form on the blog as well, stay tuned for photos of Tallinn as well as hopefully a bit more of this beautiful and damp, dark homeland called Finland.. 😉

Going backwards

ravintolapäivä 180813

Sometimes it seems that one is going backwards even though you really try to advance. Life is odd at times. Artistically world seems to be right-handed. It is always said that moving towards the right/looking towards the right in a photo /painting is looking toward the future and of course vice versa when looking to the left. For a leftie that is not so simple.

Refuge from the storm

Taking refuge by Jere Ketola on

Seeking refuge from the rainstorm, under the eaves of the roof of a neighbor. We foreigners were but visitors in her home village and she was not so much interested in leaving than seeing the interesting ( I hope ) visitors.

This picture got me thinking. We are all alike in that, we seek refuge from time to time. A shelter for our head on a rainy day, a shoulder to lean on another type of day, arms to hold on to when our world seems to crack around us.. Everyone is vulnerable in some way, some just hide it better than others. And sometimes, in the right circumstances one does not need to hide or feel ashamed of being afraid or needing a shelter, a refuge. I hope everyone has a refuge for those needed moments.

On the fence

On the fence 2  by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on

Often times, I find myself on the fence. Whether to do something, or not. To buy a new camera for example. I know that I need to make the investment, but it is not so simple. There are lot of systems out there, and then there is the money factor as there always. Where is the money best spent etc.

Also the legacy of old cameras, old lenses make it difficult to totally jump into an entirely new brand. The needs of my photography would most likely best be served with two systems. Buying a newer version of the current manufacturer for the serious stuff/ birds. And buy a new lightweight system for the casual stuff as well as the food and the street shooting. Olympus, Fuji, Sony and Panasonic all would go very well into my needs in this department. The Fuji Xe-1 is the one I feel most drawn to, I love the design and the ergonomics. I also adore the colors this camera gives.

Olympus and Sony make smaller cameras, that seem to fit pretty well into my hands, but not as well as the Fuji.. Oh to have too much money so as to be able to buy and test all of them. Now it would be a decision to keep for a long time. I tend to not change cameras very often anyhow.  

Blue tit by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on

Pan pizza

As pizzas goes I am a regular pizza guy. Pan pizzas for whatever reason are really not my preferred way of eating this type of food. Maybe its the fact that some pizzerias tend to make these portions way too small?


Needless to say this means when ordering / making pizzas I tend to gravitate towards the thinner crusted pizzas and sometimes it feels a little dull.


A good tasting pan pizza really is great when done properly. With enough fillings that is, and the crust just properly cooked, not overdone.


Black on white


Visiting Hannes Heikuras exhibition has made me think more about the contrast of black ad white in pictures. Photography is in essence capturing light in its many forms, but sometimes the very strong contrasts can help to draw the eye yet sometimes that same effect may destroy an otherwise great composition. Black and white in scenic pictures is also interesting as the colors or lack of them can change a photos feel and look completely. Just interesting thoughts popping into my mind, without the answers.

World Press Photo 2013

Today the awards for the worlds best press photos were published at World Press Photo 2013. Lots of excellent photos there. By nature most are of conflicts and strife. After all a picture speaks a thousand words. The winning photo comes from Sweden and is by Paul Hansen. Pretty cool to win such a prestigious award IMHO.

My own favorite is the nature picture of an emperor penguin rising towards the surface that can be seen here.

Great pictures move people and hopefully can increase awareness of the condition of life outside our homes and hometowns.

Happy New Year!

So another year has passed. A year of laughter, love, hurt and traveling with a lot of work thrown in the mix as well. Great experiences. I believe I have personally grown as a human and I think that is greatly due to the people in my life.


And now a new year to do so much more and hopefully see even more.

Lets look forward and be positive! Be dynamic and live life to the fullest, for life is a precious thing.