Rice Garden – sushi

Sushi is not exactly my favorite food, but I have learned to eat it (for various reasons). It is not a suprise that some Sushis taste better than others, there are after all differences in all foods/restaurants. One of the easiest to eat ergo in my mind also the best Sushi can be found in Hakaniemi at a place called Rice Garden.


The restaurant is fairly large and has a relatively nice price for different portions. Miso soup comes naturally as standard fair as well as tea/coffee afterwards. The restaurant has very nice lunch options as well as the more expensive fairs in the evening.



This portion was the basic smallest lunch version which starts at 8,80€. All varieties taste pretty good, and I am told by a Sushi lover that these are some of the best Sushis you can find in the Helsinki region price/tastewise. Totally recommended for those of you that like the taste, or would like to give it a go!