Restaurant Mantra, Herttoniemenranta

Sometimes the best ideas and the best things to come as a spur of the moment thing. Like today, I had no plans to eat out at all, however a small shift in the timetables decreed firstly a visit to Herttoniemenranta and secondly a need to eat something for it would be late until home and the fridge beckoned.

So randomly to see if there was a place to get some good food in Herttoniemenranta. This part of Helsinki is a beautiful new side of an older neighborhood called Herttoniemi. Just about 10minutes away from the city center.
In this same area there is of course pizzerias, kebab places etc. as well as one of the finest Greek restaurants in Helsinki. Also a great Italian called Il Faro. Indeed the Italian was the first I thought of. As my readers will know, I love pasta and pizza in pretty much all possible forms. So a natural choice.

However the Italian was almost empty and forlorn looking. And just a small walk from it, on the other side of the canal,a Nepalese restaurant where I had never been to..


So naturally, this was another great option and as the day was proceeding with “a lets just wing it” attitude, it was the choice to go there. A nice looking Himalayan restaurant the Mantra had also a nice small terrace in front. As summer is short and the weather was fine, outside eating was the proper course of action to take.

After a time of browsing the menu an order was made for a fully vegetarian menu. Above is the starter. A small but great tasting dish called Sabziko Pakora. Deep fried vegetables. There was just enough spice in the dish. Excellent starter.


The main course, which consisted of the following, from the right:
PALUNGO CHANA Chick peas with fresh spinach and garlic in a medium spiced sauce.
JHANEKO DAL Lentils, fried onion, garlic, ginger, tomato and fresh coriander, medium spiced.
SHAHI PANEER Cottage cheese in a tomato, cream, cashew nut, almond fl our sauce.
Plus of course the usual sauce called raita, naan bread and rice.



Rice and Shahi Paneer. I usually prefer to eat only Naan and no rice at all but today I ate both, just to see the different tastes.

As for Nepalese food in Helsinki, my favorite places are Himsikhar in Hakaniemi and Base Camp in Kaisaniemi. Both offer excellent value in the taste/size/price triangle.

Restaurant Mantra was very close. In fact some of the dishes maybe better than Base Camp’s A la carte list. And as a whole the dishes were of great size.  Medium spice was great for Finns, spicy yet not so hot you would be sweating and eating. The mildest was the cheese, the rest had a bit more bite. Great!






Cheese. Always good!image

The view from the terrace.


The dessert. KULFI Nepalese sorbet made of pistachio nut and cashew, fl avored with saffron.  A different taste from Finnish desserts, but worked very well. All in all the different parts of the menu worked together as they should to form a nice coherent package of culinary treat.


Photograph Herttoniemenranta by Jere Ketola on 500px

This is what the area looks like. The Restaurant Mantra is located left from the middle of the photo.  A beautiful neighborhood.  With great food.

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Pre – Christmas

First off, sorry I have not been very active lately, mostly due to the very busy time of Christmas. So much to do, so little time. Presents to buy, extra long work days and a rather long spell of the flu to name a few culprits..

Here are a couple of pictures from the older part of Helsinkis central area and a small yet nice vegetarian restaurant located thereabouts.


Lots of snow everywhere and more coming almost constantly. White Christmas for all Finnish people. Sadly even our snow is not plowed as well as before with constant cuts in funding.


Old architecture is nice, not so square and blocky as modern buildings seem to be.


A calm pause from walking around town to visit Vegemesta. Small and cosy and excellent food.


I will be visiting Vegemesta again later to give a full post on the food as well as better quality photos.

Silvoplee eli herkullista kasvisruokaa

Tämä saattaa olla yllätys, mutta aina ei tee mieli lihaa. Tuolloin on erinomainen syy käydä syömässä Silvopleessa. Satu Silvon omistama ruokapaikka on suosittu ja miellyttävä paikka joka sijaitsee Toisen Linjan varressa.

Ruokalistalla on tuoreiden hedelmien, vihanneksien sekä salaattien lisäksi aina tarjolla lämpimiä kasvisruokia. Lisäksi tarjolla on keittoannoksia sekä kakkuja.

Ruoka valitaan buffet tyyliin ja punnitaan kassalla

Ruoka maksetaan painon mukaan, joten isompivatsaiselle voi tulla kalliimpi visiitti, mutta täytyy myös muistaa ettei vastaavia monipuolista kasvisannosta tulisi muuten juurikaan syötyä.

Itse en osaa valita vain tiettyjä ruokalajeja, joten annos tulee useimmiten koottua periaattella vähän kaikkea.

Annos oli erinomaisen maittava ja vei nälän, joten tyytyväisyysaste oli toivotun korkea.

Jälkiruoka esimerkkinä toimikoon suklaakakkupala. Maku oli tässä pikemmin kaakaomainen kuin suklainen. Positiivista oli myös se, että annos ei ollut liian makea.

Lisätietoa löytyy osoitteesta Silvon nettisivuilta..