Street food carnival – Kaapelitehdas

Last weekend Kaapelitehdas (old Cable factory) hosted the Nordic Street food carnival. Obviously a bit of a misnomer as it was indoors in the big old factory hall. Mostly due to our lousy weather I guess. 🙂 Anyway as a lover of food I naturally just had to partake in the action.

A few photos from the event as follows:

nordic street food carnival

As you can see the space is quite big. . There were a lot of people and nice music, nice athmosphere. And the light was fantastic, with the huge windows and the sun shining from just the right direction.

nordic street food carnival


nordic street food carnival

There was food from different countries, street gastro had some great meaty food on sale.

nordic street food carnival

Don’t you just love that sunlight?

nordic street food carnival

nordic street food carnival

Ah, decision making time.

nordic street food carnival

HC Dog ie a hot dog place.

nordic street food carnival

The hot dog was excellent. I loved everything about it. I would say the best hot dog I have eaten in Finland ever. Great spices as well.  Right size meets right price.

nordic street food carnival

nordic street food carnival

Falafel, with hummus that was as good as the ones I have eaten in the middle-east. Great!

nordic street food carnival

Gotta love the available serving languages. No Finnish in sight!

nordic street food carnival

The roll kebab from the multilingual guys. Great kebab, but very very hot. Thats some serious Habanero in there!

nordic street food carnivalBest way to finish eating is to enjoy a cup of good coffee. This was by the local coffee roastery called Helsingin Kahvipaahtimo. Espresso to die for.

All in all, a great way to eat!


Christmas is closing in. Winter is upon most of the land, but the Helsinki region still is dark and bleak. Half an hour away and what you get is this:

Winter 13-14

Not a lot of snow by any means, but still what one would call winter.

Winter 13-14

This rock seemed to be split in two, somehow interesting.

Winter 13-14

Birch trees have a beautiful cover. A very common tree in most of Finland. The ones in Lapland are quite small though.

Winter 13-14

Winter 13-14

Enjoy the week end everyone, be safe!

Streets of Tallinn

Continuing on the first post on Tallinn.  Sorry for the very slow updating, work has been totally immersive and the last thing on my mind after a workday has been to sit on the computer and type.

This post is mainly photos of Tallinn, street shooting so to speak. As cities go, Tallinn is, very friendly place to photograph and there are excellent backdrops for a nice background. Ultimately these photos may not be the best I have taken, but I like the mood an feel they can convey a little bit of the spirit of the city.

As is evident from these photos the weather was damp to say it nicely. But this of course can have its positive sides as well with reflections etc. Just a matter of spotting the positives I guess.

Small side streets for pedestrians in the old city.

in the rain

The old city is mainly cobblestone so good shoes are a must.


Great hat!

Hand in hand

To hold the hand of ones lover makes even the worst weather a bliss.


A bank, and in front a Mercedes S65 AMG.. Somehow goes to show how the bankers get rich while the rest of us well.. Don’t..



Students mingling on the streets in the afternoon.


Reflections. This scene immediately caught my eye. Lovely reflection and just a bit of waiting to get the people aligned in the right place.

All photos taken with old but trusty digital dinosaurs by Nikon.

More tk.

Just walking

Sometimes its great to just take a camera with one lens and stroll at your own pace through the city. It can be liberating or frustrating depending on the viewpoint. I find that it is mostly liberating in that I can focus on just the one focal length and not bother with changing lenses or cameras. Also this forces the mind and the eye to see the details that the chosen lens can illustrate.


Flowers from Kallio, towards the center of the city.


A street in Kallio facing Merihaka


I loved the colors and the architecture in this view.


One of the buildings that exhibit a little daring architecture, the Ympyrätalo (Roundhouse :D) is located in Hakaniemi. I have also worked in that building for a couple of years so there is a certain sense of nostalgia when I look upon it.


Just nice colors in this tunnel to a inner yard.


The windows of houses are sometimes very interesting. Especially older architecture seems to have a lot of nice details


Some quite flamboyant buildings along the way as well.


Sushi seems to be all the rage in Helsinki at the moment. Smaller and bigger sushi places can be found all over the city.


Nice little boat, eh? Belongs to a certain fellow countryman who goes by the nickname Iceman.


A walking bridge between Katajanokka and the center of the city.

Lovebridge pt1

The bridge is full of locks proclaiming lasting love. In the background is a nice restaurant called Sipuli which has great food.

Missing someone you love?

I felt moved by this older gentleman. Somehow I think he was remembering someone very dear to him.


The view from Katajanokka towards the north. Merihaka has its own architecture, of which I am not exactly a fan of. But it has its own uniqueness of course and the people living there have a great view of the city center.



Church cross backlit as the sun is being blocked by storm clouds.


Finally even as the sun is setting, Rays of pure light break through the massing clouds.