Restaurantday, final part

Continuing from the previous post on the Restaurantday, a bit more photos from that day.


Moving on from Esplanadi to Aleksanterinkatu there were a few stalls selling food here as well. Peasoup in one of them..


Towards Kamppi there were more restaurants. Foods ranging from Taiwanese and thai to pancakes and cupcakes as well as chocolate chip cookies. The weather was starting to get even more miserable with the fog changing towards foggy rain.

narikka 9

Different styles, different approaches to selling food. Excellent hot chocolate from the guys in the lower photo.


This was a stall selling Asian vegetarian food.


A bit of Kebab for you,sir? These guys seemed to be having a blast.


The last place to visit as the weather was getting more and more miserable.

narikka pannari

Excellent pancakes! Made on the spot on a gas stove. The fillings tasted good! There was even cloudberry in the one I chose. Great job!

Friday afternoon


Friday afternoon bustle on the Aleksanterinkatu. Lots of folk moving to or from our capitals foremost department store called Stockmann. They have a special discount days from wednesday until sunday and it is always a huge hit, especially with the womenfolk. I tend to opt for the sweets and the food departments with a pop into the bookstore as well. Rarely anything else to buy for me at decent prices. IT would be lovely to buy a great discount suit for only 599 Euros, but thats still alotta cash for something bought on a whim.