Living with the Honor 8

As is often the case it takes a while to get to know a device and really be able to enjoy the full cabalities.
Having used the Honor 8 for a while it seems I have gelled with phone and it is an extension of me when out and about. 

I have really fallen for the monochrome cabality esoecially as it seems I sometimes see in black and white.

Walking, working and generally living in the capital region of Finland it has always been a habit of mine to document life and its beautiful moments.

The beautiful light in this city, the architecture, the people. Especially in the fall and spring the light is almost constantly in such a low degree that it casts beautiful shadows.

Indoors in Helsinki you can see the lovely architecture, this photo taken in a library testifies of that.

Or you can enjoy the lovely seaside in many places, often gazing upon fellow Finns basking in the sun, enjoying the calm serene moments of life. And the camera, the phone, always along for the ride.


Toward the unknown by Jere Ketola on

Sorry to have been awfully quiet lately. Too much to do at work, and lousy Finnish autumn weather has been making it a bit difficult to enjoy the outdoors lately. Wish I was back in south Europe once more. Or maybe the snow will come and make everything beautiful here in Helsinki as well.

Drought by Jere Ketola on

These views could not differiate much more from what we have here. Dry, hard light, warmth. A totally different atmosphere to the weather here currently.


Treelines by Jere Ketola on

I have been gravitating more and more towards monochrome in the photos I take, be it due to the bleakness of the nature or some other reason, I do not know.


Collecting bottles

collecting bottles by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on

This snapshot was taken on the street, close to Kaivopuisto (a park in the southern tip of the city of Helsinki). The culture of collecting bottles to earn money seems to always enjoy a rise when the times are tougher. The recycling system is really rather good in that it leaves less trash and less broken glass to bother about in the city. Still somehow sad if collecting bottles is someones main income.

Istanbul, a photogenic dream

Istanbul, Constantinople, Byzantium. The city stradled between and upon Europe and Asia has had a long and important history. First as a predominantly Greek city, later as the second most important city in the Roman empire.. And after being the seat of the last emperors she was conquered by the vast and powerful empire of the Ottoman.

The old city was big in its time, as all big capitals usually are and as a natural meeting place and crossing place between the European and Asian trade the city has always been a centre for business as well.

As a city to visit there are almost too many sights to see on one visit, you really need to have a lot of time and maybe visit a few times.

bag by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on

The newer part of the city has skyscrapers and big malls and high rise housing. The older parts of the city are lower with small streets and backroads. And of course historical sites, bazars and mosques aplenty.

Waterpipes by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on

There are apparently somewhere between 14 and 18 million people currently residing in the city so its fair to say there is a healthy bustle pretty much all day and night. Considering the amount of people and cars the traffic is not really bad and walking is easy as well with people being very fluid and considerate towards other pedestrians.

Unpacking by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on

Turks are a entrepreneuing and business minded people and all tourists get a taste of that when walking the streets or visiting the bazars. Prices are of course negotiated very vigorously in the bazars.

Labor of life by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on

As a photographer its nice to note that the people are very open to being photographed and those who do not wish to be in some foreigners travel album show it quite clearly.

Some cities really come alive in the evenings and this is really one of them.

I shall post a few more posts about Istanbul in the coming days..


the harbor

Just a photo of the day. Harbors are somehow great places to photograph, with a lot contrasts etc. I do not like the look of the smoke there though, but I do know that we need to power our economies with something or the other. At least the direction is right with lessening coal and oil usage and more sustainable energies hopefully replacing them.

Old and wise ladies

These two old ladies were sitting down, enjoying the evening sun. They were worried about the urbanization of their culture and their land, but still they were quite happy and content.

Thoughtful  by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on

They know their loved ones will visit from the city and can understand the pull of hope and a better life.

Oh! by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on

Countryside in early winter

Weekend is almost finished and its nice to look back and remember a nice slow drive in the countryside. It is amazing how the climate changes very soon after you leave the metropolitan area of Helsinki.

fields under snow by Jere Ketola (JKetola)

The early snow we had in the last week or so has melted here but in the countryside the ground is partly covered in snow and ice. Eventually these landscapes will be all white, but now there is a contrast of ground and snow.

Ramschackle farm by Jere Ketola (JKetola)

A desolated old farm with its barn was quite nice to look upon. Old school countryside, people have left and the houses are left empty. Perhaps the owners now live cosily in the city or in a new house somewhere nearby.

Flooded fields by Jere Ketola (JKetola)

So as not to go all black and white here is a color photo of a flooded field. The autumn has been very rainy here and all that water has had no place to go, so there has been some flooding. The biggest floods were higher up in the north west along the big rivers.

Hope you all have a nice week ahead!