Collecting bottles

collecting bottles by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on

This snapshot was taken on the street, close to Kaivopuisto (a park in the southern tip of the city of Helsinki). The culture of collecting bottles to earn money seems to always enjoy a rise when the times are tougher. The recycling system is really rather good in that it leaves less trash and less broken glass to bother about in the city. Still somehow sad if collecting bottles is someones main income.


the harbor

Just a photo of the day. Harbors are somehow great places to photograph, with a lot contrasts etc. I do not like the look of the smoke there though, but I do know that we need to power our economies with something or the other. At least the direction is right with lessening coal and oil usage and more sustainable energies hopefully replacing them.

Gazing contest


Staring into the eyes of a being that just probably would rip you apart given the chance is a little bit unnerving even when there is a fence in between. This male lion needed only to growl to make the hair on my my neck stand tall. Easy to understand how much it would frighten to see one standing on the plains and nowhere to climb to get away. No wonder many African tribes had passing rites to adulthood dependant on facing a lion.

Black on white


Visiting Hannes Heikuras exhibition has made me think more about the contrast of black ad white in pictures. Photography is in essence capturing light in its many forms, but sometimes the very strong contrasts can help to draw the eye yet sometimes that same effect may destroy an otherwise great composition. Black and white in scenic pictures is also interesting as the colors or lack of them can change a photos feel and look completely. Just interesting thoughts popping into my mind, without the answers.