The ease of concentration

Life is odd, sometimes. Somehow it seems it is almost natural to concentrate 110% on something and do it well. There is no effort whatsoever required. At other times, it seems no matter what you do, or how you do it you simply cannot get the required concentration and seem to end up somewhere way below your normal efficiency. It seems especially clear after long periods of working and winter that the latter is the truth, but after a holiday it is easier to focus. On the other hand, there seems to be a strong causal effect on the location and how your surroundings are that affect to what end you can concentrate.

Concentration by Jere Ketola on

A creative mind needs rest and new surroundings to properly thrive. And as these things go, when life kicks you down or you are pushed into a corner (sometimes literally) it seems you really need to get space and peace to properly function. It seems to me this gent had the talent of concentration..  I also love his hands, an honest workers hands.