Winter solstice


Darkest day of the year did not feel as dark as the preceding couple of weeks as we finally have snow and winter in Helsinki once more.

A quick walk outside the newest, shopping mall in Helsinki, called Redi. A cityscape in constant change, the Kalasatama region has been growing rapidly with new apartments and high rise, but before now they had a serious lack of services, which now has been rectified.

Sick and all is gray

Sometimes, it seems one needs a bit of a pause, even when one does not know it. A couple of days under the blankets, a forced rest if you will. Unfortunately I had no ready posts for the blog in store, so my absence has been 100% total from the webosphere as well. Anyhow, all is well, still a bit under the flu but getting better all the time though. It is the season for being sick here, lot of flu varieties around and influenza as well, so it sometimes seems only a matter of time before one gets the bug.


Anyway, trying to get back on form on the blog as well, stay tuned for photos of Tallinn as well as hopefully a bit more of this beautiful and damp, dark homeland called Finland.. 😉