Water, giver of life

Water is essential to us humans, and indeed to life itself on this blue orb that we call earth.

Water, giver of life by Jere Ketola on 500px.com

As spring has come, water is in its moving normal form once more after being all iced up. As a nature lover spring is a wonderful time to be outdoors, as leaves are springing out of trees, birds are singing everywhere and nature itself seems to be reborn after the harsh cold winter time.



Its starting to look like Christmas?

Elvenlight by Jere Ketola on 500px.com

Late November and early December has been rather damp and wet, but there have been bright moments when the sun has shown up. And when it does, oh boy!

Here a small valley in fog with the sun from the south-west shining its beautiful light.



Chasing mist

A dreary bleak morning one would think. A beautiful mist, another would think.. I fall straight into that second category. I went out to chase the mist and try and capture some of the beauty of the nature.

I find that nature is so, so beautiful in the fall as the colors have so many hues. Then there is the fact that fogs occur more often than in the summer and together these two elements provide a nice “canvas” to work with.

The village

The old medieval church and the small village beside it were nicely covered in the fog. The power of the sun though is still strong enough to melt the mist quickly so I was fighting against time, trying to get to a good vantage point to photograph it best.

Photograph Chasing mist by Jere Ketola on 500px
Pretty dont you think? The field had given a good harvest and now only awaits the spring.


Coming back after the mist had gone I was captivated by these berries. A very good sign there will be nice opportunities to photograph birds in the coming weeks as there is a lot of food for them.

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More autumn colors


The colors of the forest are still blooming with more and more leaves falling down.


Harvest is also over and the fields more or less ready for the winter and await a new spring.


A rainbow seen from afar. Not the typical beautiful full half-circle though.


More beautiful forest colors. All photos in this set taken in south-west Finland. A beautiful region of Finland.

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Mushrooms those persistant little buggers

Mushrooms by Jere Ketola (JKetola)

I guess that as a Finn I am drawn to our forests. Finland is full of big and small forests and like our lakes, they are a important part of our culture. Finland is also one of the rare countries where you can freely wonder in just about any forest with our “everymans rights”. Forests are also full of wonderful details as well as a place to visit to calm your nerves and breathe fresh air.