IntendedXImperfection by Jere Ketola on


A gull, the cathedral, fading light. Tried to capture movement, took a few shots and love this one. looks great in print at A3 size as well.



Watecolor XX by Jere Ketola on

For over a year now, I have been slowly, but steadily, building a small series of photos. A series that I call Watercolor, as the look I aim for is a bit painterly and all to do with how water looks, what it reflects and so on.



Waiting for the rain to stop

Waiting for the rain to stop by Jere Ketola on

After a whole day of rain, it is refreshing to walk in the nearest forest and just enjoy the nature slowly waking up after a long winter season. Finally it is spring.

Photo taken with a 50+ year old macro lens from Pentax ,attached to my favorite walkabout camera ,the Fujifilm Xpro1.