A different home

Winter 13-14

Another ones trash is another ones treasure, goes the saying. Or in this case, a home!


Helsinki in the winter – Hometown roaming

The spring ever so slowly marches onwards and the days get longer, the nights less cold.

Icy roads

Due to the changing temperatures the roads are sometimes practically mirrorlike frozen ice. Very slippery, makes one wish for Icebugs or other studded shoes.

Parking for cars?

Parking cars has been a real pain this winter, with sights like these not uncommon. The parking spaces will melt eventually of course. This particular parking space seems to not have seen a city snow plow for all winter..

Melting streams

Running water always melts early and is a true sign of spring to see sights like these in the forests and parks of Helsinki.

Wood fungee

Just a quick shot of a birch tree which has fungus growing on it.

nordic skiing

Nordic skiing has been a proper national sport once again with the very cold winter giving even us southerners enough snow to be properly immersed in skiing. Same paths are used for walking as well here which can cause a little ill-will sometimes amongst the more selfish skiers.


Some poor soul had to go home with frozen fingers it seems..


Pretty soon there will be enough warmth day and night that sights like this will be gone and green leaves will sprout out. Definitely looking forwards towards proper spring and eventual summer.

Meilahti villas 3

The Meilahti area of Helsinki is known for its beautiful old villas. The area also houses the residences of the president and the prime minister of Finland so it is very highly regarded.

Meilahti villas 2

Beautiful old houses are a joy to look at and to photograph as well. Some of the houses in the area are used as restaurants currently as it is quite expensive to maintain them.

Meilahti villas 1

Beyond the villas of Meilahti lies the outdoor museum island of Seurasaari.

old school

Here you can find old school Finnish huts, houses and a church, as well as enjoy the calm of forests and nature in the city.


Jean Sibelius was/is our national composer and this monument was built in his memory.

Helsinki architecture 1

Different styles of architecture can be found in every city in the world. I love to see houses that have been done using something else than straight lines.

Helsinki architecture

Although there is a simplistic beauty to be found in straight lines.

railway station

The central railway station is a hub of the city and the clock tower a landmark for the people mingling in the city.

All frozen in

Soon, hopefully, the ice will melt and boats can move about freely in the waters of the Helsinki region.


Time for a little snacks or coffee seaside. Apparently great fish to be had, not really to my taste though.

Enjoying the sun

Or one can just sit in the sun and enjoy coffee and the company of a loved one.


Moving towards the eastern parts of the city, more nordic skiing in a place that will be a beach in the summer once more.

winter shores of Helsinki

Sun starting to set and giving a beautiful light.

sunset 2

more tk

Shores of Helsinki


As a city, Helsinki hugs the shorelines of the sea. There are lot of places to spend time on the shores and enjoy a picnic in the summer. Or go for a run alongside the sea.

DSC_0198 kopio

There are quite a few islands around the area.


The fortress of Suomenlinna is one of the more popular places to visit, whether for tourists or locals. Naturally this time of the year, the passage is a little different on the ferry than in the summer.

winter  by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on 500px.com

Come summer these places look a little different..

Untitled by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on 500px.com

I really need to post more pictures of Helsinki.. So more to come. Definately!