Häme Castle

There are a few medieval castles in Finland. One of the newer ones and in excellent condition is the Häme castle, which is located in the city of Hämeenlinna (=Häme castle in Finnish). The city grew around the stronghold more or less so the name being the same is not an accident.


Hämeenlinna is located about 1.5h away from Helsinki so it is easy to visit. There is a museum there as well and also the possibility to roam about and enjoy the lovely views.


Like all proper buildings of stature the proportions are immense. You feel small beside the building.


Nordic castles differ from the type of castles depicted in Hollywood movies due to the fact that there is and has always been this thing called winter here. It has always been essential that the castle have a proper roof on it as well as it being defendable in the winter and maybe a bit of warmth as well inside the building. Think the fortresses on the Wall in The Game of Thrones.. Oh well, we are colder than that 😉


Cobbled pathways, nasty on the foots, especially for the ladies in heels. But on the other hand they used to have a little different boots and shoes back in the day.


Nice moat! It is easy to imagine how difficult a place like this would have been to attack with the defenders shooting and throwing things at you.


The sun slowly fading and twilight taking over. As you can see the leaves are falling.


Lakes are a natural part of Finland as well, this one is actually a system of lakes so it was one of the reasons for the location of the lakes, a strategic position.

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