Budapest, fare thee well o beautiful city

shopping hall1
Budapest has excellent possibilities for the tourist wanting to spend some money on shopping. Besides the usual shopping malls and high street shops there is this fine looking building located on the Pest side of the Danube.

shopping hall

The size of the hall is in one word huge. For sale, pretty much everything you could want, including food, clothes and souvenirs. A must visit for the athmosphere (and great for those last day gifts for family and friends). Beware, you might end up buying all sorts of small items you did not guess you needed.

at the pool

Another great place to visit is Margaret island. It is a large island in the Danube. There are paths for runners, a couple of spas, swimming pools and small kiosks on the island. As well as a beautiful fountain which has musically coordinated shows every half-hour or so. A great place to cool down after a day spent walking in the city.

banks of the danube

The banks of the Danube are well contained in the city area. There is actually a roadway beside the river which is bi-annually flooded for a while which is pretty interesting.


As in so many big cities, there also homeless people in Budapest. Probably more so nowadays than before the fiscal meltdown of 2009. Very sad.


Budapest has many spas. There are hot-water springs under the city so the water is oft times warm. The best spas have +40 pools like this one in the picture. Other places have pools that are lifted straight from Ottoman style spas of old. Some even resemble the old Roman spas. Great places to visit, I highly recommend at least one spa visit on a trip to Budapest. Ladies especially will love it.

Budapest definitely lived up to my expectations even exceeded them in many ways. I hope to visit the city soon again.