Spring draws closer

The winter seems to have lost its strength already, even though it is but the beginning of March. Today the temperatures in Helsinki hovered near +10 Celsius, which is rather high for the time of the year. There is of course a high potential for a bit of winter making a come-back even as late as May however now the snow has melted and ice is going away at a quickening pace as well.


Helsinki is for such a large city nice nature wise. We have even nature reserves inside the city.. As well as a UNESCO fortress amongst other things.

nature reserve

The wooden stakes mark the path between small islands in a gulf of the Baltic. A sanctuary for birds especially in the spring and the nesting seasons. There were not that many birds yet, as they are but starting to migrate back to Finland, but nonetheless a great way to spend the day enjoying the light of the sun and the fresh air.

cabin in the island

A cabin in one of the smaller islands. Somehow a bit romantic in a very rustic fashion, don’t you think? All photos taken with a 400mm lens, which was on my Nikon as I was hoping to catch a bit of birding action.