Seaside wandering

Baltic sea by Jere Ketola on

Lovely day by the sea in the late autumn.

Signs of ice age by Jere Ketola on

The rocks which have been fghting the sea and ice for time unknown.

Enjoying the last rays of sum by Jere Ketola on

The sun still having some power to warm in a spot where the wind could not over throw its warmth.



Toward the unknown by Jere Ketola on

Sorry to have been awfully quiet lately. Too much to do at work, and lousy Finnish autumn weather has been making it a bit difficult to enjoy the outdoors lately. Wish I was back in south Europe once more. Or maybe the snow will come and make everything beautiful here in Helsinki as well.

Drought by Jere Ketola on

These views could not differiate much more from what we have here. Dry, hard light, warmth. A totally different atmosphere to the weather here currently.


Treelines by Jere Ketola on

I have been gravitating more and more towards monochrome in the photos I take, be it due to the bleakness of the nature or some other reason, I do not know.


A moment in time

The free-time I have currently has been diminishing all the time, and moments like this are rare and few between. That makes it even more welcome. The calm water, almost midnight and not a soul around. Just nature, wide open space and a lake. And me.

Photograph Lonely pier by Jere Ketola on 500px

The blog has been as silent as I have been busy. I am sorry for that, and I do mean to keep on writing and posting photos, but at the moment it is a bit difficult to say the least.

Autumn evenings

Photograph Layers by Jere Ketola on 500px


I took this photo because I saw so many layers at the same time happening. A static gull, a kayak, a sailboat, a motorboat, all on their own planes of existence. Sometimes life resembles this situation. We are moving along on the same canvas,never touching, never crossing paths living our own destinies.

autumn_helsinki nature

A cottage on an island that I somehow really love, albeit from afar. Something that sparks my curiosity. How nice would it be to stay there for the summer? To enjoy the change of weather and just sit and watch the light change along with the tide.

C & J

Photograph C&J by Jere Ketola on 500px

So the big edit is done and the photos on their way to the couple in question. A lovely day although we had a lot of rain but that did not dampen the spirits as there was LOVE in the air.

I did a documentary wedding shoot along with the portraits, so a full day of photographing the day of a very beautiful couple.