Sri lanka pt2

Continuing from my first post on Sri Lanka.

local food

Curries!  For a foreigner the cuisine of Sri Lanka is pretty wondrous and very very hot, as in chili and curry everywhere! There are so many different varieties of foods that I cannot say I am any expert after only a couple of visits to Sri Lanka. Suffice to say that the food is delicious and after a while you get accustomed to the hotness and start enjoying it more and more. Locals use their right hand to eat but there are usually spoons or forks available everywhere for the random visitors and of course in the more expensive places you have the full fork, knife and spoon available. Rice is the main staple of the local dishes with chicken and beef used often as well. There is a wide variety of vegan foods as well.

For dessert expect to get fresh fruits or curd with syrup (a sort of youghurt).

at wor

Working the garden.

flowery 2

Lovely flowers to enjoy.


Lot of flowers or plants are the same we in Europe might buy in a flower pot but in the tropics they are practically trees.


There are of course small and big varieties of lizards. Geckos are everywhere and I for one like them for feeding on those pesky little mosquitoes.


One of the nicest food fruits you can have, the Jackfruit. Great to eat fresh and cooked.

rays of light

Monsoon rain with a bit of sun glimmering in the horizon.


Sun setting and the dark monsoon clouds in the sky. Three-wheels and motorcycles are widely used form of transportation all over the country. Good for getting around cheaply, not so sure about how safe they are. On that note its very sad to know that everyday 10 people die in traffic accidents in Sri Lanka. Most likely the reasons are bad driving education and small roads with lot of traffic. There is also a popular transportation style of 4people on the same motorcycle so when accidents do happen they can have a very high toll on lives of people. It is however good to note that the situation is getting better with more strict enforcing of traffic rules and the building of better roads as well.

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