Rento – Bar and bistro

My blog has been, it seems, taken over by a lot of photos/ photo related stuff and there has been less about food. This has been in part due to the fact that I have been busy in other regions of life, work mostly and also because spring is one of the definite times to be outdoors as much as possible. Another contributing factor is that the places I have eaten at have been familiar, already blogged off etc.

Today the lunch was different though, as due to the windy weather our lunch plan changed from the Flying Dutchman (Lentävä Hollantilainen) ship restaurant to a place called Rento (“Relax” in English). Quite suprisingly, I have never visited the place, only known of its existence in the neighborhood.

Rento offers lunch food as well as more a la carte type food in the evenings, but the feel is a bit like a well lit and kept pub to me. They also serve beer/cider so in the evenings it can be a nice place to hang out with friends.


For lunch there is apparently four different meals available, and of course the menu differs day to day. Today Rento offered Hamburgers, crepés with curry-chicken filling, veggie-lasagne and salad with chicken. As per the photo above, I chose to eat the crepé. The food came relatively fast considering the amount of people that came just before us.

For starters there was the usual salad/bread table to ease the waiting. As the food arrived I was pleasantly suprised by all off the portions. My company of lunch eaters took three of the four different dishes so it was easy to judge that all were very satisfactory. The crepe and the filling in my own portion was big enough to fill an empty stomach and the taste was nice with enough curry for the average Scandinavian eater. If you are from India, you might prefer a little more kick though!

Rento will now be a nice addition to the places I regularly visit, as long as the quality stays the same. If you visit Hakaniemi, keep it in mind as a potential lunch / after work visit.

To the homepage of Rento .


Strindbergs Backfickan


Strindberg cafe has been a permanent landmark in the heart of Helsinki for years. After renovation of the building it resides in it moved to a slightly different location. The cafe now is in two stories and inside the shopping centre of Galleria Esplanad there is the lunch restaurant side called Strindsberg Backfickan.


The menu is as usual three different portions to choose from and quite typicall priced for Helsinki. A nice bustle was to be found with almost all the tables in use upon my visit.

Regular buffet table with salad, bread and the main food and drinks excluding water costing extra.


From the days options I chose Swedish hash (in Finnish Pyttipannu) is a great simple traditional Scandinavian dish which of course is not the lightest calory wise due to the amount of oil/potatoes/meat and eggs. Also one of those foods that can be found in proper restaurants as well as in a tent beside a rock festival. So a food that can span boundaries of poor and rich folk. Pretty good food and the company ate salmon which was good as well. A fun option if around the center of the city during lunch hours.

The website of the restaurant can be found here

Public traffic angst

Yesterday was a great day to go and enjoy a lunch with friends at good old Himsikhar in Hakaniemi. It is one of our more popular eating places with great food and relatively quick service.
Unfortunately my lunch experience took a blow right from the get go when the public transport system failed once again.


Agreed the weather was not totally calm and nice, but a little snowfall in Finland should not be a problem as it is a matter of course that every year we have winter..

After 10minutes of waiting for an apparently non existant bus connection I opted to walk.


Rather sadly for HSL (our local pub. transporter) I experienced timetable problems in the morning, at lunch break and after work as well.

Kellohalli revisited

Perjantaina Helsinkiin iski Antiksi nimetty lumimyräkkä. Lounasaikaan kuitenkin kaipasimme ruokaa ja taukoa töistä, joten uskaltauduimme ulkoilmaan ja suuntasimme läheiseen Kellohalliin.

On friday a small snowstorm arrived and with it winter proper. At lunch time we braved the climate enough to scramble to the nearby Kellohalli for some food and a break from work.


Päätös ulos menosta oli täysin nälän aiheuttama, mutta yllätys oli erittäin mieluisa kun lounaslistalla ollut naudanpaisti paahdetuilla perunoilla tuotiin pöytään (luonnollisesti oheen kuului normaali salaatti ja erinomaiset tuoreet leivät).

The decision to go outside came out of sheer necessity to eat something, but boy were we in for a suprise. On the lunch menu there was a rare treat. Beef steak and roasted potatoes. (plus of course the usual salad and bread for starters).


Naudanlihaa tarjoiltiin mediumina ja näytti heti erittäin lupaavalta. Liha olikin erinomaista, sopivan mureaa ja pestokastike kelpasi oheen erinomaisesti. Paahdetut perunat olivat toimiva lisuke lihalle. Ulosmeno palkittiin 110%:sesti.

The beef steak was served medium and looked delicious. The meat was just right and the pesto sauce was delicious as well. Potatoes and the tomatoes were a nice compliment to the meat. 110% worth going outside in the storm!


Alkuperäiseen postaukseen Kellohallista voit tutustua täältä.

to my previous post about Kellohalli go here

Silvoplee eli herkullista kasvisruokaa

Tämä saattaa olla yllätys, mutta aina ei tee mieli lihaa. Tuolloin on erinomainen syy käydä syömässä Silvopleessa. Satu Silvon omistama ruokapaikka on suosittu ja miellyttävä paikka joka sijaitsee Toisen Linjan varressa.

Ruokalistalla on tuoreiden hedelmien, vihanneksien sekä salaattien lisäksi aina tarjolla lämpimiä kasvisruokia. Lisäksi tarjolla on keittoannoksia sekä kakkuja.

Ruoka valitaan buffet tyyliin ja punnitaan kassalla

Ruoka maksetaan painon mukaan, joten isompivatsaiselle voi tulla kalliimpi visiitti, mutta täytyy myös muistaa ettei vastaavia monipuolista kasvisannosta tulisi muuten juurikaan syötyä.

Itse en osaa valita vain tiettyjä ruokalajeja, joten annos tulee useimmiten koottua periaattella vähän kaikkea.

Annos oli erinomaisen maittava ja vei nälän, joten tyytyväisyysaste oli toivotun korkea.

Jälkiruoka esimerkkinä toimikoon suklaakakkupala. Maku oli tässä pikemmin kaakaomainen kuin suklainen. Positiivista oli myös se, että annos ei ollut liian makea.

Lisätietoa löytyy osoitteesta Silvon nettisivuilta..

Himshikhar aka The Nepalilainen

Aivan Pitkänsillan kupeessa Hakaniemessä sijaitsee yksi Helsingin parhaista Nepalilaisista ravintoloista.

Himshikhar on toiminut jo yli kolmen vuoden ajan. Kysyntää on ollut ja moni muukin on selvästi huomannut ruoan erinonomaisuuden sillä ravintoloitsija on päässyt laajentamaan toimintaansa. Kluuvissa sijaitseva Base Camp on Himsikharin sisarravintola ja kommentit ruoan maun suhteen pätevät myös siihen.

Lounasaikaan tarjolla on hieman pienempi valikoima ruokalajeja. Vaihtoehdoissa on yleesnä lammas, kana, kasvis sekä usein myös kalavaihtoehto. Lounaaseen kuuluu myös salaatti, sekä kahvi/tee.


Pääruoaksi voi myös valita annoksen jossa on kahta eri ruokalajia. Erittäin toimiva kombinaatio on esimerkiksi kana/lammas ja tuorejuusto. Annoksessa tulee mukana lisäksi kastike ja raita sekä riisiä ja naanleipä. Henkilökohtaisesti pidän erityisen paljon naanleivästä, joten annosta tulee muokattua siten että riisin sijaan tulee kaksi naanleipää.

Masala chicken

Oheisessa kuvassa on Masala Chicken.

Lisätietoa ja menut löytyy Himshikharin ja Base Campin nettisivuilta.