Lapland in the autumn is very beautiful. It is the northernmost region in Finland and home to fells (smaller than mountains, but yet high). (P.S all pics open to a bigger one if you wish to see them large)

The area is quite large and very empty due to the harsh climate.

Towards Sweden

Some of the best rivers for fishing in Finland are located in the western regions of Lapland.

The forests are awash with color in the lower regions. A lot of berries to be collected as well as mushrooms.

The forest plants are beautiful in a rough sort of way. Befitting the merciless cold climate.

The sunrises and paints and eerie glow to the sky. In the summer the sun does not set and in the winter it does not rise at all. Land of the extreme?

The fells are typically round shaped after years of erosion. The Pallastunturi region is a national park.

Bogs and swamps are commonplace, and the mosquitos are a pesky problem in the summertime.

Reindeer are commonplace in Lapland. Here a young one is grazing.

Dwarftrees (Vaivaiskoivu in Finnish) are common. The birch trees cannot grow to be of great height. Looks can be deceiving, some of these trees are hundreds of years old.

The color of the land is beautiful in the autumn.

The landscape is peaceful and beautiful.

Another dwarfbirch rests alone on the mountainside

More to come..