Migrating before the winter comes

valkoposket laskussa

Geese are leaving, ever to return back to Finland when the spring comes. Hundreds of thousand birds migrating in the autumn, to spend the winter in a much warmer climate. The trip south can be hazardous, but staying here would mean a certain death. So come the first cold days and nights and the birds somehow know when it is the best moment to go and then its bye-bye Finland.

valkoposket takaa

For someone who loves birds, it is bittersweet. There will not be much to photograph or look at for many months. For sure there are birds still, but the masses are gone.


The last of the migrating birds are heading south as the first snow has started to come in midlands and north. Beautiful formations with different species doing different formations, others flying solo.

More tk


Sun is setting as the golden hour approaches. All is quiet and still. Only the occasional sound of a bird singing breaks the silence. Suddenly a sound of flapping wings breaks the silence. From the west a swan is seen flying almost on the sea level.

Swan in flight

The mute swan flyes gracefully past and I snap a quick shot of it before it vanishes into the distance.