Cool place, cool music video by Haloo Helsinki!

Just wanted to share a cool music video by a Finnish band that I like. The video was shot at a spectacular place in Bulgaria, which is the old communist party HQ or something. Love the architecture in this case, albeit I usually dislike/hate the communist architecture which was very err. plain. Not to mention hating the idealogy and the fact that the communist era destroyed a couple of generations lifes in many countries in Europe.

Anyway, enjoy the music video, I think the understanding of the words is not needed to enjoy it. 🙂 For now the place is a great thing to consider visiting if one goes to Bulgaria. UFO etc. More on this place can also be read at an excellent travel blog by Yomadic here. His travel blog is excellent so you will do well to visit and check out his other posts as well.

Its a rainy day

Today it seems that the weather will be rainy for the day and the mood is thus a little different than yesterday when the sun shone and it was warm and beautiful.

Bridge to the harbor by Jere Ketola (JKetola)) on

I am also going through one of those black and white moods in my photography, need to lighten up maybe?
Anyway,somehow the mood in this song suits today very well. Great song by the talented Jamie Cullum:

Have a nice Sunday, where ever you are!